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Academy of Animation & Gaming, Noida conducted its AAGMAN FEST 2012

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 28-03-2013 00:37:10

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"Academy of Animation & Gaming, Noida conducted its AAGMAN - Cultural Fest event on 06.10.2012. Mr. Diwan, Senior Management Advisor and prominent personality working for social cause was also present in the event."

The event was full of colour, joy and fun. Students gave their best performances and earn appreciation from the management. The main attractions of the event are Disco Dance performance, Bhangra, Lavni (Maharashtra folk Dance), plays, Dholna song etc. The quality of these performances are excellent. Dholna and Disco Dance performances shared the best prize. The way the students have shown the discipline during this event is appreciable.

After these performances, then there was the time for the students to dance on DJ songs. Students kept on dancing for 3-4 hours. Some students said that these type of events are necessary to give motivation in their studies and give the experience of building the team, leading the team, coordination among the team to give the quality performance which in turn is necessary for the jobs they are going to be employed after completing the education. 

Management also informed that from next year ownward, they will conduct this event on big scale by publicising it well in advance. "

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