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Dot 3 Production's Pran milk candy TVC

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 22-10-2013 23:45:52

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After the great The success of "Pran Milk Candy" Animated TVC, Dot 3 Production has recently delivered second squeal of the TVC for 'milk candy. Dot 3 Production is full phased 3D Animation Studio first in Bangladesh with OLD professionals. It is specialized in Animation, broadcast audio-visual productions, TV commercials making etc. The company has already delivered animated content for Google Earth, World bank & Asian Development Bank and many more local and international clients.

Pran Milk Candy TVC Sequel 2 by Dot 3 Prodcution

TVC concept
On a very bright morning in the park bench two cows (as a human) sitting down and they were really bored. Suddenly one of the cow noticed that another red color cow is coming towards them to sit on the same bench. She informed her frined and her friend ensured her that she will do something naughty with her. When the new red color cow came to sit with them, they put a sticker "I am a donkey" behind her back. Then those two cows were laughing at the red cow and the red was embarrassed and leave the place.

Then the voice over comes
"Like this kind of happy and naughty cow we make Pran Milk candy.

Sweet candy from a naughty cow"

Pran Milk Candy TVC Making sequel 2 by Dot 3 production

Render time with 7 passes each full complete frame took us 53 min to render. Total render hour for the 30 Sec TVC was 662.5 hours.

Software used  3Ds Max, Mudbox, unflod 3D, photoshop, after-effect and premier.

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