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Reliance MediaWorks worked on the Color Grading & Digital Intermediate for Krrish 3

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 01-11-2013 19:14:04

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Reliance MediaWorks have done the Color Grading and Digital Intermediate for Krrish 3. The most eagerly awaited superhero movie that is expected to sparkle at the box office this Diwali. 

Krrish 3 is a third in the franchise that began with 2003 hit sci-fi movie Koi...Mil Gaya, Krrish 3 will take forward the story of the superhero Krrish, played by Hrithik Roshan. Creative choices of color play an extremely important role in storytelling, especially for a sci-fi film like Krrish 3 where Hrithik will take on evil mutants and save the world from destruction in his superhero avatar.

The color timing helped define locations and enhance and ensure the mood of scenes worked and that the entire movie flowed. On top of color timing, were added, a lot of little nuances fine-tuning on the image such as enhancing the mutant’s traits like the color of the tongue and the eye's iris details. But most of the detailing time was utilized to ensure the realistic integration of the VFX. Hrithik and Rakesh took a very active roll in the DI process ensuring their high vision was reached.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, Producer & Director Krrish 3 said, “I am thrilled and enthusiastic about Krrish 3. This project has all the insightful and risqué visuals we have come to expect from the franchise. I was very confident that Reliance MediaWorks was the “Go to” place for DI & Color Grading.  True to expectation they have made Krrish 3 one of the most memorable movies of all time."

Rakesh Roshan’s vision, coupled with stunning visuals, has turned the franchise into a thrillingly audacious mix of grand storytelling and powerful and provocative themes.

Speaking on the same Mr. Venkatesh Roddam CEO Reliance MediaWorks said, “Krissh 3 was not an easy film as it came with a huge legacy. In Krrish 3 it was important to create a consistent look and feel to the story overall. Krrish 3 provided a great opportunity for us to showcase the diverse skills within the businesses and further reinforced our position as a fully integrated high-end facility."

Digital intermediate and mastering are lesser known, but critical pieces of the film-making puzzle. The facility at Reliance MediaWorks is state of the art and their truly artistic competent professionals, worked meticulously on the Indian superhero film. The Color Grading team at Reliance MediaWorks was led under the creative supervision of Ken Metzker and Nilesh Sawant, Chief Colorists on the film, who worked closely with Rakesh & Hrithik Roshan to achieve the final look of the film.

With the advent of technology image quality gets superior and thereby the minutest of details need to be highlighted appropriately, which is where a sci-fi film becomes creatively challenging and demands more techno-creative expertise. Add to it the brand value of the Krrish franchise makes working on the project a fruitful experience.

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