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Light Beam Effect in Photoshop

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 6/26/2013 9:15:43 PM


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Hi Guys! This is Abhinav and in this tutorial; I am going to teach you how to give a light beam effect to your photo and make it even more attractive.

Things you will need: 
· Photoshop CS3
· Bit of creativity

So, here’s the original pic
And after this tutorial, you will be able to make this one!
So, let’s get started
Step 1:Select the image of your choice and make a new layer by clicking on the circled icon

Step 2:Then select the brush tool (B) and select the thickness. Here I used 55 px.

Step 3:
After you are done with the thickness, select the pen tool (P) and draw curves around the picture.

Step 4:Select white color and go to paths and stroke the path.

And you will get something like this:

Step 5:Select the Outer Glow option from the Blending options.

And select the following values:

Step 6:Select the Eraser tool (E) and rub the parts over the hands and around the legs.

Step 7:Cut the image, apply a nice background, get some more light beams and have a nice image like this one.

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