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Disney Infinity sells three million units

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 27-01-2014 11:37:38

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Video game starring Disney and Pixar icons booms during festive season

It's not just Disney and Pixar's film departments that are raking in the money and pleasing audiences the world over; it's also a combination of toys, soundtracks and general merchandise, not to mention attractions like Disney World, that make up the bigger picture.

Video games hold a significant market share and can make millions within days of release (just look at the 'Call of Duty' and 'Grand Theft Auto' franchises). 'Disney's Infinity' -- the latest, fully licensed game to from Disney Interactive has been selling huge amounts since its August launch.

Available on all platforms including XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 3, it's been announced that the game has sold over three million copies. Disney's latest venture in the games market required a new way of thinking after a recent slump. Titles such as 'Epic Mickey 2' and the 'Kingdom Hearts' series have proven successful in the past, but it seems they've excelled this time after having spent over $100 million on development alone. 

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