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Book Launches at 4th Annual Indian Comic Con

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 04-02-2014 02:02:27

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Here are the books which are going to be launched at the 4th Annual Indian Comic Con 2014

Title-  World War One: 1914-1918
Published By: Campfire Publishing
Writer: Alan Cowsill
Illustrator: Lalit Sharma

The synopsis:  Campfire’s History genre kicks off with World War One: 1914-1918 The War to End all Wars, illustrated by Lalit Sharma and written by acclaimed comic book scribe Alan Cowsill one of the key brains behind Marvel’s recent mini-series Revolutionary War.

This summer sees the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War and World War One: 1914-1918 gives readers a bird’s-eye view of the first major conflict of the 20th Century; a war that devastated the whole of Europe and spread across the entire globe. This is your chance to experience life in the trenches as you get an overview of the war through the eyes of the soldiers who fought in it.

Title-  Magical Animals
Published By: Campfire Publishing
Writer: Jason Quinn
Illustrator: Rajesh Nagulakonda

The Synopsis: The first title in Campfire Junior genre, a line of graphic novels for younger readers. All children love animals and talking animals are the best of the lot. Magical Animals presents exciting new versions of The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Frog Prince in a large, easy to read graphic novel format. Ideal for parents to read to children, or for new readers to begin reading themselves.

Beautifully illustrated by Rajesh Nagulakonda, the artist behind Campfire’s Krishna: Defender of Dharma and Pride & Prejudice, and written by Jason Quinn, author of Gandhi: My Life is My Message and Steve Jobs: Genius by Design, Magical Animals is a must for all the family.

Title- Aghori- Issue#9
Published By : Holy Cow Entertainment
Writer : Ram V
Illustrators : Vivek Goel and Gaurav Shrivastav

The Synopsis : A mysterious assassin is eliminating seemingly unconnected people around the world. There is however a reason behind the bloodshed and an evil purpose to all the killings. Vira returns as The Aghori, aided this time by his son Krona and a hunter named Desh, to save an infant - the last of the assassin's victims. Why is this child marked for death?

Title- Zombie Rising Volume 2
Published By: Chariot Comics
Writer: Devaki Singh
Creative Director: Luke Kenny

The Synopsis: Zombie Rising Volume 2 is the epic conclusion to the series of events that started in the ground-breaking Zombie Rising Vol. 1. Zombie Rising Volume 2 is a prequel to the movie “Rise of The Zombie” – India’s first zombie origin movie starring Luke Kenny and Benjamin Gilani. In this graphic novel, Manav and the rest of the gang, who had just started unearthing the strange happenings in Neolife Pharmaceuticals, are drawn deep into the plot.

They also discover the real story behind the disappearance of their friend Sujoy; a senior scientist at Neolife. And then of course...Zombies! This is a zombie horror thriller you do not want to miss.

Title- Blind Spot
Published By: Orange Radius
Writer: Four Different Writers
Illustrators: Four Different Artists

The Synopsis: Four Different Stories, Four Different Styles, Four Different Sins.'Blind Spot' binds together four different stories between the covers, each story peeking intothe darkness withheld in the hearts of men, darkness that feeds on the basic weaknesses of men.

Weaknesses that drive a man down the path of sin, but you end up asking yourself 'Isn't man a born sinner?'Layers' , 'Cross Hair' , 'Futile' and 'Alive' make up Blind Spot, stories that revolve around greed, distrust, cruelty and fear, stories that turn and twist leaving you with that uncomfortable feeling of having known but not seen : a Blind Spot.

Title- Aghori- Issue#10
Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment
Writer: Ram V
Illustrators:  Gaurav Shrivastav along with guest artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

The Synopsis: Saving the now orphaned child from the Assassin has only left Vira, Desh and Krona with more questions than answers. To find clues about the assassin's identity and his motives, they must first rescue an old acquaintance of Desh's. An information broker named Velu who seems to hide more secrets than one may imagine. The information they learn about their quarry will lead them to discover the lineage of the infant they're protecting. A lineage that holds the key to understanding Kali's plans for the future of this world.

Title - Pulp Quarterly 2 - The Journal of  Indian Comics
Editor: Kailash Iyer
Cover artist: Tarun Padmakumar
Other Contributors: Sumit Ray, Adhiraj Singh, Bhanu Pratap, Tushar Shukla

The Synopsis: Pulp Quarterly is a journal featuring longform writing about the Indian comics scene. Each issue contains in-depth articles, interviews with established and upcoming creators, and opinion columns written by people with a passion for comics.

The second issue includes, among others:
- A feature on Jai Undurti and the Hyderabad Graphic Novel;
- A profile on Chaitanya Modak (Won-Tolla);
- An interview with Raveesh Mohan (Orange Radius);
- Comics by Tarun Parmakumar and Bhanu Pratap.

Title - Stupid Guy Goes BACK To India
Published By: Blaft Publications
Writer: Yukichi Yamamatsu
Translator: Kumar Sivasubramanian

The Synopsis:On his previous trip to India, aging by irrepressible manga author Yukichi Yamamatsu overcame illness, pickpockets, and a formidable language barrier to successfully publish the first-ever translation of a Japanese comic into Hindi. Now he's back -- running an udon noodle cart in the Delhi slums, hanging out with drug dealers, performing standup comedy in the park, and trying his best to fit in with the locals in rural Purvanchal.

Title - The Obliterary Journal, Vol. 2: Non-Veg
Published By: Blaft Publications
Editors: Rakesh Khanna and Rashmi Ruth Devadasan

The Synopsis: A collection of short comics and artwork having as their common theme the consumption of animal flesh by members of the human species. Includes work by Appupen, Meena Kandasamy & Samita Chatterjee, Kynpham Sing Nonkynrih & Aratrika Choudhary, Michelle & Musharraf Ali Farooqi, Ali Sultan, Aneesh K. R. & The Coromandel Avian Research Institute, Somdutt Sarkar, Durrrk Mixer-Grinder Serial No. 30277XM03, Nicolas C. Grey & James Farley, and many more.

Title - Tharu Ek Bhooli Katha! (a piece of comics journalism)
Published By: World Comics India

The Synopsis:This 24-page comics book is a unique example of grassroots level comics journalism. Developed by comic artist Devendra Ojha, this black&white piece of journalism unfolds the story of Tharu tribe living in the region of Uttrakhand and Nepal. As a Comics Journalist, Devendra investigated the story of Tharu and compiled it in a very creative and interesting manner through the medium of comics. How the tribe is loosing its identity and precious land in the hands of rich and powerful has been creatively portrayed in this comics. This story was developed during the Comics Journalism course run by the World Comics India.

Title - Comics For All
Published By: World Comics India

The Synopsis: Comics For All is a comics bulletin published since last 10years by World Comics India. This is first of its kind publication of Indian sub-continent. A wide variety of issue-based comics are published every year in this 20-24 page black&white tabloid. Started and edited by cartoonist Sharad Sharma who is also founder of global movement of Grassroots Comics.

Apart from South Asian contributors many European, American, Australian and Latin american cartoonists and comics artists have been contributing to this publication. The new issue will also carry comics by homeless people living in different cities of India.

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