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Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 01-02-2014 12:32:41

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In its first ever change of guard, the Governing Council of SAID almost entirely gave way to a new team, retaining only the Secretary’s position intact.  The Society for Animation in Delhi held its 3rd Bi-annual General Elections for all the office-bearers in the Governing Council.  A smooth and almost unanimous election, guided by Madan Pania, the outgoing President, at the end of his tenure, was the Society’s first real-time experience at voting.

With nominations ending on January 24, 2013, their scrutiny was completed on January 28, 2013, by the Returning Officer, CA Avinash Gupta, leaving only two in the fray for the post of Vice-President.  The rest of the positions were ‘unanimous’ in the election, with the following team declared elected the same day…

President                    Subhash Siddhu

Vice-President               Amit Dang

Secretary                   Kala Iyer

Joint Secretary           Mukesh Dube

Treasurer                   Vipul Dinodia

Executive Members     Varun Mehta

                                 Pallavi Mohan


A straight contest for the post of Vice-President between Rahul Banga, a current Executive Member, and Amit Dang, the founder Secretary of SAID, closed today with SAID announcing that Amit Dang had won.  While Madan Pania gives way to Subhash Siddhu to take over the reins of the Society from February 2, 2014, Ranjan Singh vacates the position of Vice-President for Amit Dang.  The almost-entire new team promises to take SAID and its activities to new heights, giving a boost to animation quality and production, in India. It also proposes to make the Society pan-India in nature, which is probably why the Society has, for the first time, out-station members also in its Governing Council.

SAID holds its General Elections to the Governing Council every two years, through secret ballot.  The first Governing Council was a spill-over from the founding members and Governing Council, which was unanimously ‘elected’ in the last elections.  It remains to be seen now, how much SAID can motivate animators to keep their passions flowing, make production happen, put business-sense into it and take it to mature audiences in the years to come.

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