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Tata Interactive Systems announces 'Ask the Expert' webinars

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 05-02-2014 16:57:09

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Mumbai: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a pioneer and global leader in learning solutions, has announced a series of weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars, beginning February 6, 2014. These webinars will focus on 2D/3D animation, learning consulting, learning portals, business gaming simulations, e-learning and blended learning, and serious games.

To be conducted by the instructional design community of TIS, these webinars aim to educate the learning and development (L&D) community on some of the best practices for optimising technology / e-learning investment. Will Chadwick, vice president, UK, Tata Interactive Systems, says, “With the series of weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars, we aim to provide high-quality direction on the future trends and practical approaches in L&D. These webinars will include a presentation followed by a question-and-answer session that will offer insights into the most effective methods of L&D.”

Further, attendees of the webinars will gain insights into
- How animation and 3D virtual worlds can enhance learning engagement and effectiveness.
- Establishing ROI for Kirkpatrick levels 3 and 4.
- How L&D departments can organise content into a logical eco-system.
- Why business gaming is more readily accepted in Germany.
- Whether MOOCs will be the trigger to fully engage senior executives in continuous self-development.
- The difference between gamification and serious games.
The attendees will also get an understanding of how TIS helped clients win eight Brandon Hall Awards in 2013.

For session details and free registration, visit

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