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Pixar’s RenderMan Celebrates 25 Years

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 24-07-2013 00:21:16

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PixarAnimation Studios announced a celebration of 25 years of Pixar’s RenderMan to be held at SIGGRAPH 2013 featuring events that will include a commemorative Users Group Meeting and a number of special presentations demonstrating how RenderMan has been used in this year’s most successful visual effects blockbusters and animated features, including Pixar’s “Monsters University” (and the accompanying short “The Blue Umbrella”). Pixar’s RenderMan Studio 18 will be prominently featured, showcasing the most recent developments in Pixar’s rendering technology, including major advances in photorealistic global illumination."Geometry lights are awesome!" said Mitch Prater (LLC), Shading System Architect for Laika VFX. "It's a fantastic achievement with geometric area lights that have tons of great features, better sampling for faster and better results, interactive path tracing, and expanded controls and shading information access. It's a huge step up from 17."

Over the past 25 years, RenderMan’s pioneering contributions in computer graphics have dramatically transformed the animation and visual effects industry, establishing an unparalleled body of knowledge, expertise, and production insight into all aspects of rendering at the highest levels of cinematic realism. Pixar’s RenderMan today is responsible for generating more film pixels than every other solution combined and has become the standard for cinematic photorealism, used in 19 out of the last 21 Academy Award® winners for Visual Effects.

Continuing to build on the advances embodied in the recent release of RenderMan 18.0, Pixar’s RenderMan team is currently developing new paradigms for rendering high-level visual effects, retaining all of the traditional strengths of RenderMan while establishing new levels of ease of use and accessibility. From SIGGRAPH 2013 onwards, a series of additional special events and software release announcements will highlight how RenderMan continues to change the way in which movies are made and why it is relied on by studios worldwide.

Pixar’s SIGGRAPH 2013 booth (#433) in Anaheim will feature regular demonstrations of the very latest RenderMan technology and products. The annual RenderMan Users Group meeting will be held on Wednesday July 24th at 6:30 p.m. in the Hilton Anaheim Hotel. For more information about the programs commemorating RenderMan’s 25th anniversary please visit Pixar’s booth or contact

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