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Virtualinfocom working on Animation Movie ‘Mahavir – the Protector’

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 21-10-2013 10:47:00

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After providing several creative services and solutions for various animation movies, animation series, ads, Virtualinfocom is presently working on their very own IP 2D Animation Movie – ‘Mahavir- the Protector.’ This 90 minute movie will target a wider range of audience between the age group from 5 to 25 years old, anyone who is passionate about action based mythology sci-fi animated movie.

Kalki, being the main super hero in the movie, other characters are Shiva, Vishnu , Durga , Ganesh , Kartik , Yamraj, Gadura, Blood Seed(Rakta Beej), Nova, Taraka Rakhshashi, Kumbhakarna, Indra, Maya, Kali and  Klesh. The storyline is based on the future generation.  This is a story of a super hero Kalki, born in 2124 to destroy the evil spirits in and around the earth using his ultimate powers. As per the Story plot, before Kalki’s birth, seven devotional Sadhus did a "Maha- Nirvana" Yagya, these monks had super powers and had to devote all to call for the protector, but among them one monk deny to devote his powers and left the Yagna area, so the power will born but it had no body. The power is in the form of a spirit who can't take part in any mortal world, who is seeking for a pure body.
Even though the period of this story is based on future test-tube generation, the  Kalki’s Mother will be seen taking an important decision to carry him in her own womb . When the baby is about to be born, she dreamt that demons will take her son and are trying to kill him. When he born, actually those demons came  in reality to kill the baby , there’s a twist in the story where Gadura comes to rescue little baby, takes him in a temple where the baby got training on morals, martial art from Sati (The girl of head monk at the temple ) At the same time, other monks are seen training the Kalki on weapon and science. Gadura became his god father who protects the little kid for any harm.

After couple of years the boy died in a battle with the demons and the super natural power came to have a deal with him during his death and the boy devoted his body n soul to fight against the evil and together they became Kalki- The protector of mankind .This boy now don't have his original soul, his body converted into a powerful human being who Only fights against evil, can't optimise anything .. time came when other GOD's teach him how to control his power, how to use them.. what's balance in the mortal world .. why it's necessary to have a chaos and make a balance out of it.

The representation of specific characters for this movie was designed only after referring to several Indian Gods like Vishnu, Shiv, Ganesh and Brahma.Arijit Bhattacharyya, Director, Writer, Producer of this movie & Head of Virtualinfocom, says, “I observed keenly the real look and feel of each and every  God and realized that it was Yudhistir who removed Koli from his cage at the era of Dwapar Yuga”  He further adds, “We even did an in-depth study with regards to the old Indian culture belief for several Gods in Sanskrit, Greek, Mayan, Sindhu and even researched on actual powers of these Gods, resembling them with future technology.” This movie has used western colors and comprises of an Indian style with rich global audience look.

This studio started working on several aspects of this movie from 2011 and at present, it has reached the production stage.  There’s a combination of several softwares that have been used for this movie namely GIMP, Inkscape, XSheet and lightbox. 
Virtualinfocom studio has used classical ways of Camera angles. Putting light on this, Arijit reasons it out and says, “As we wanted to add special smoothness to our animation movie, we preferred to put in efforts through classical animation.”

Making an Indian GOD with science fiction look with a feeling of the actual character was the main challenge faced by the Virtualinfocom team. Rinita, Debarun, Vandana, Ajit, Punit, Navin, Samrat are the team members who are helping Arijit in the production of this movie. In short, a total of 32 members are working towards making this 2D animation movie a success!

“Even though I am not sure on How far will the market accept this, but I am sure that my passion for this movie will help me make it and finish it” Arijit concludes.

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