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‘Work in Progress’ – Showcase in Bangalore

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 17-01-2014 13:17:58

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Two of India's Best Animators - Chetan Sharma & Vaibhav Kumaresh will once again take you on a journey into the making of their respective 'Work in Progress' projects: 'Swami Ayyappan' and 'Return of the Jungle'.

It's going to be a fascinating presentation - a rare opportunity to see sketches, storyboards, animatics and some of the completed scenes from both films.

Session Details
Behind the Scenes of ‘Swami Ayyappan’
Chetan Sharma will present the making of his WIP film: ‘Swami Ayyappan’ and show the character design process, storyboarding and animatic of key sequences/ layout along with background design.

Chetan says, “The intention behind the presentation is to share the inner workings of the movie making process… to not only debunk the myths but also initiate the audience into the mysteries of animated filmmaking. An art that is only learnt through persistently doing it… doing it… and doing it some more!

We will share our own paths that are different and yet have so much in common as well. How we have translated our love and passion for animation will be easily understandable with the behind the scenes material.  We hope to transfer some of the joy we feel making animation films and maybe have an exchange of ideas with the audience about the shape of things to come.”

Making of ‘Return of the Jungle’
Vaibhav Kumaresh will take the audience behind the scenes of his WIP film: ‘Return of the Jungle’ and will be presenting peeks into the animatics, songs, play blast line ups, as well as some finished clips.

Vaibhav says, “At Vaibhav Studios, we have been producing short format content for a decade now. There’s no doubt we thoroughly enjoyed the process and i am glad our audiences enjoyed our films too! However the urge to tell longer stories had been growing on us for a long time. Return of the Jungle is our attempt to satisfy that urge. Considering the series of flops we have had in the past, I know its a bad time to venture into longer format original Indian animated content. However, telling your own story is the only way ahead. And if we don’t do it, who will? :)

I plan to share this very philosophy of ours with the festival audience. We’ll be sharing everything we have done so far on the project in as nutshell a manner as possible. My I hope all this will lead into a healthy discussion with the audience at the end!”

Speakers: Chetan Sharma (Animagic India) and Vaibhav Kumaresh (Vaibhav Studios)
Date: 25th January 2014
Time: 10:30 am to 5 pm
Venue: Jain Animation School, JGI Knowledge Campus, #44/4, District Fund Road, Behind Big Bazaar, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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