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Mendia Licensing agency to represent Purple Turtle in Spain

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 15-01-2014 13:22:01

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Mendia Licensing agency will now represent Purple Turtle licensed by Aadarsh Pvt Ltd; the World’s cutest Turtle in Spain.

Mendia Licensing S.L created by Sofia Noguera rooted the agency in year 2002 as an independent agency offering marketing services in the Licensing Industry. With the experience of 25 years in the industry, Sofia Noguera established the agency in Spain and Portugal.  Mendia Licensing agency supports various international and renowned projects and also cater to the two great classic characters, the felines Felix and Garfield.                                                                                              

N. K. Krishnanand, Head- Licensing and Publishing, Purple Turtle, says,” Books are the best friend and a knowledge bank to everyone. Purple Turtle offers books to children that helps them in the development and growth of their grey cells, as books play a crucial role in the over all child development. With the association of Mendia Licensing agency, we will now bring the best of education and learning facilities to the children of Spain; we are mighty pleased with this new expansion.”

Purple turtle is world’s cutest turtle which helps a child to grow and learn in a fun manner. It a name that is friendlier in both the genders and also a favorite among children and parents as Purple Turtle is exactly what makes a child interested in reading and learning.

“Purple Turtle has always worked forward to bring quality education to the children. Better understanding through fun; has always been our focus as children address themselves easy with the characters and grasps teaching through these characters easily. We assure to give the best of knowledge to children who will enjoy and love Purple Turtle”, says N.K. Krishnanand.”

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