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Rashi Mal to be one of the judges in Blossom short film festival

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 20-01-2014 15:47:25

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Rashi Mal who is popularly known as ‘Gauri’ from the cult show ‘Paanch – Don’t get mad get even from Channel V, shall be a part of ‘Blossom’ Short Film Festival as a part of the Jury. She would be one of the Judges to select the best of the best films entered in the festival.  Rashi has done diploma in filmmaking from New York. She holds a long experience working in Theatres with Renowned artists like Markhand Desphande and Divya Palat.

She is a highly trained professional dancer and has learnt many forms of dancing. If this wasn’t enough, she can also sing and getting trained for the same. She has also got an experience in directing short/plays and even cartoons. The festival is organized by Acclaimed short film maker ‘Varun Mehta’ and his production house ‘Wiz Motion Studio’. When we asked him about this, he replied –“We chose Rashi because she is very talented, her biography says it all. But the real reason is that she herself is an avid supporter of Arts. Also she has been a part of short films and has an experience of directing them”. 

“We couldn’t find a better Judge than her. We are extremely thankful to Rashi that she agreed to be a part of this Initiative and with her support; we may make this event even more special and unique”. When asked about the other names in the Jury, he said – “We will reveal them soon, currently we are in talks with some great artists”. The Festival is currently inviting entries for the competition. All genres of Short film are eligible to participate. The Festival will be held on March 8th 2014 at Wiz Studios, Shakti Nagar Aligarh. 

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