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Prime Focus World wins ‘Best 2D to 3D Conversion’ at 3D Creative Awards 2014 for work on Gravity

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 31-01-2014 11:30:26

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The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society has recognized Prime Focus World with the 'Best 2D to 3D Conversion' Award at a glittering ceremony at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. The annual 3D Creative Awards honors the best in 3D image making, and Prime Focus World’s conversion work on Alfonso Cuarón’s GRAVITY was singled out by the jury as the stand-out work of the last year.

The Societies Lumiere™ statuette, which was presented to Richard Baker (Senior Stereographer) and Matthew Bristowe (SVP Production) of Prime Focus World’s London office, was accepted by PFW Founder and CEO, Namit Malhotra.

Gravity 'Teaser' Featurette from Prime Focus World Official on Vimeo.

Namit thanked Alfonso Cuarón for inspiring PFW's teams with a "great vision", stereographer Chris Parks for his outstanding leadership and creative impetus, and Chris DeFaria and the rest of the producers and Warner Bros. team, for taking bold steps to create a groundbreaking film.  Noting the unparalleled approach to producing the film, Namit said "Gravity represents an important and key turning point in how films are going to be made.  By integrating modern-day and cutting-edge technologies early into the framework of the project, the filmmakers were able to streamline efforts and create controls that put the focus back where it should be, on storytelling.  I'm honored that Prime Focus World was able to help realize such a great and well regarded creative vision." 

Other GRAVITY award recipients echoed Mr. Malhotra's sentiment.  Chris Parks (Stereographer), accepting the award for 'Best Overall Stereography', said 3D “can make a difference when it's considered all the way through [from preproduction to post]”. He also took the time to personally thank and congratulate the Prime Focus World team by recognizing the complicated technical and creative nature of converting the long, undulating shots in close-environment sets.  He said how grateful he was for Prime Focus' "Richard Baker [who] did a great job with these difficult shots." 

Chris DeFaria (President – Animation, Digital Production and Visual Effects, Warner Brothers), accepting for "3D Moment of the Year" Award for GRAVITY, noted the audience appreciation for the 3D film. He remarked that over 80% of viewers chose to see GRAVITY in stereo, versus the customary 30-40% on other 3D released films.  He attributed this primarily to creating a workflow, pipeline and partnerships that collaborated to support the story, rather than viewing 3D as an afterthought. 

Prime Focus World couldn't agree more with the honorees and general excitement over 3D at the event.  Prime Focus is proud to have both helped create a stunningly visual film, and to also have helped engineer a new approach to the craft overall.

Prime Focus World’s 3D conversion of The Wizard of Oz was also featured at the event. PFW’s work on the classic film as exclusive conversion partner received special mention, and a 5-minute clip from the film was screened to an appreciative audience.

For more on the film and Prime Focus World's stereo conversion contributions, please visit:

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