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Nickelodeon Announces 2014 Global Animated Short Program

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 03-02-2014 11:37:35

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Nickelodeon has announced its call for submissions for its 2014 global Animated Shorts Program, which is designed to identify and develop new animation talent and provide a platform for new content for kids.  This year’s program marks the third year for domestic pitches and the second annual call for international submissions, continuing the search for a new set of creative voices and visionaries. 

The network will choose a minimum of 10 pitches to be developed into shorts that will appear on air, on and on the Emmy Award-winning Nick App. These shorts also have the potential of becoming long-form animated series on Nickelodeon. In 2013 Nickelodeon took over 1000 pitches worldwide for the program. 

Animated shorts must be: comedic, character driven, and have kid appeal.

Ideas that feature an original, funny lead character – with about 2 or 3 characters in total. Be prepared to show either through designs, thumbnail storyboards or script, how funny and unique your characters are.

Characters must be relatable to kids ages 6 to 11 and appeal to both boys and girls.

If the characters are human, we recommend that they be a kid around our audience’s age. If non-human their mindset would be like a kid and they would encounter situations that are relatable and comprehendible to our kid-audience.

All submissions must be kid-appropriate in content.

Shorts are limited to 2 minutes in length and should primarily take place in 1 setting.

We are open to all animation styles including 2D, digital 2D, CG, Stop Motion, and Mixed Media.

The deadline for submissions is March 14, 2014

Your pitch materials must include
- Concept Treatment
- Character Descriptions: designs with written descriptions preferred
- 2 minute rough thumbnail storyboards or 2 minute script/outline
- Resume, Credits or a link to online portfolio and/or work samples (if available)
- Must agree to the submission release form on the following page

Pitch materials can include
- Character designs – rough sketches are acceptable
- Character layouts
- Link to more pitch content

The deadline for submissions is March 14th, 2014. No submissions will be accepted after this time.

The following submission site is for US domestic pitches. If you are located outside of the United States, please click HERE to be directed to our International Animated Shorts Program website.

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