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Short Films Carry Bigger Values – Varun Mehta

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 9/21/2013 9:05:07 PM


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Short Film Platforms are increasing day by day and its strength is also visible. Many International Companies are stepping into this firm hunting for New Talent every day. Short Films World is no longer small. Those who are not familiar, Internet have a different story to tell. Ace Short Filmmaker Varun Mehta explains the possibilities of the exploration of Short Films, their Importance and the fame associated with them.

Varun Mehta recently won the Short Film Challenge at which promotes short filmmakers. His Video shows a little kid singing nursery rhyme at his cutest best. His Video has garnered appreciation from all over and he won a whopping sum of 500 dollars. Not just only this, His winning streak continued with previous projects.  His Short take about a ‘Bitcoin’ landed him at second spot at Bitcoin Video Contest organized by in August 2013. Additionally, His short film on the art of farming took him all time high in this year’s Alltech Farming Film Festival and he secured the #3 winning spot. 
The growing popularity of Shorts can be recognized by this instance alone that every year almost 60 new platforms are being opened for talented filmmakers and artists. To them, for them, by them the platforms give them chances to earn or win. Said Mehta – “Internet is a medium which is evolving very fast, People might not notice it easily but it’s a fact or why entrepreneurs would invest so much in this department. People in India need to look besides face book and chatting. Evolution needs to happen in the rest of the world as well.” – said the filmmaker who has worked with known International Short Film Brands like Buzzgoo, Filmskillet, Green Go, Womadz, HP, Indi etc.

The reasons why Short Film platforms are turning into brands have many reasons to qualify. First that they are easily accessible, a person these days have hardly  time to go through a 30-40 minute venture but would definitely give a try to a short film. Second is that they create more buzz easily. Third is that help create more awareness. Public Voting and judging options make the competitions more crisp and slick. Mehta says – “If you understand a concept well, create a video accordingly that clicks in the right way with support of a little luck then victory is yours.” Varun Mehta last year launched his animation studio ‘Wiz’. His upcoming movies include ‘The Hope’. He is also gearing up for All India CG Digital Art Competition & Awards Event to be held on October 27.

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