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Wiz Animation Studio goes for a ‘Revamp’!

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 02-12-2013 16:52:41

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Aligarh : Wiz Animation Studio that was launched last year 2012 replacing the banner of ‘Varun Mehta Productions’ now goes for a complete Revamp from 28th December 2013. The Award winning studio which has churned out several shorts that won at many International platforms completed its successful one year run in June. When asked about this development, the founder of the Studio – Varun Mehta told us – “This development was necessary for us as now we are gearing up venturing in other departments like short films, ads, documentaries, Video promos etc apart from Animation and VFX. We can’t release our short films under the ‘Animation’ banner”.

From a small city of India, where the growth for mediums like Animation is almost zero, Varun Mehta has definitely come a long way. But how does he sustain this tough process. To this Varun replied – “My Studio rides on passion. Scope for Animation and VFX in a city like Aligarh does not exist. Neither people have any Interest to generate it either. So discovering new opportunities often becomes a tough cookie. However, what sets us apart are our award winning films that won numerous accolades at various International platforms. I feel really good, when people come to me and say that they find my journey from ‘Aligarh to America’ an Inspiring one”.

Elaborating further he said – “I wanted to discover new sectors regarding entertainment. With this revamp I will be further venturing into new many mediums. We will also take up web advertising, web designing, mini games etc, thus exploring various sides of digital space”. The biggest achievement known from the studio has been the winning of their Animated film ‘The Unknown World’ at Buzzgoo International Short Film Festival at US, last year. The film dealt with the issue of female foeticide. In a journey ran through January to June. The film not only garnered judges’ appreciation by landing in Top 8 finalists but also became the highest voted film throughout the festival. It won the first prize of 5000 US dollars.

According to Mehta, “it is the concept of the movie that worked as technically the film lacked a punch”. But he said that he packaged it enough well to grab some eyeballs. Talking about the future projects, he said: “We are now working on a short film that is based on human trafficking, like my previous films; this venture too shall be presented as a Concept based Idea. Next, In March 2014, the studio brings its own short film festival which shall be called ‘Blossom Short Film Festival’. The announcement for the same shall be carried out shortly. 

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