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Indian superhero Doga to come alive on screen

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 25-03-2013 17:02:01

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Anurag Kashyap is planning to make a film on Raj Comics’ superhero Doga,the project is already on the roll. According to sources it would at least be a Rs. 70 crore plus project.Doga is hugely popular and since its debut issue in 1993 there have been 200+ comics. Doga is a vigilante superhero who wears a dog mask. He is an orphan who was raised as Suraj in Chambal in the midst of brutal dacoits.

He moved to Mumbai as a youth and called it home. Beneath the glitter and shine of the skyscrapers, the city of Mumbai hid an ugly face that was deeply scarred and infested with drugs, prostitution, land mafia and organised crime. anish Gupta, CEO, Raj Comics says, “It had always been our dream to bring out our superheroes from the confines of comics pages to the wonderful world of cinema. That is but a natural progression for us.”

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