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A thrilling turn! 'Pac-Port', an arcade game by 'Seven Summits Studio

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 07-08-2013 19:17:17

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Pac-Port, a Windows and Smartphone based game, is an arcade game at its core, made from revamping some of the retro classics. It is built to retain the original fun from the good ol' classics, while adding a new twist in the gameplay. The entire game is designed around rich player experience, making sure that even when replaying the game, the experiences differ thus keeping the fun alive.

This game is the brainchild of Asar Dhandala and Jithin Peter, who dreamt of having a game jam and enjoying the entire development process.  Both were undergrads at Backstage-Pass School of Gaming.  While developing the game they realized half-way that the game had a lot more potential and so hooked in Aman Agnihotri to produce a Level Editor for the game.

Having realized the importance of an Indie Studio,
Asar Dhandala co-founded the 'Seven Summits', giving shape to his long-cherished dream of having a game studio that produces leading edge and innovative games for the global market.  He has also taken the initiative of designing and making the art for the games.  Their game, 'Pac-Port', is set to launch on Windows PC in the month of August and is already being ported to smartphones.

It features many levels of varying difficulty to keep the excitement high. Along with this, the game also provides a co-player mode just to make sure  that you have endless fun with your companion! With all these notable features, 'Pac-Port' is a complete package for casual gamers.


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