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People can learn a lot from shorts if they want to – Varun Mehta

Posted By : Mukesh    At 06-05-2014 00:39:24

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Wiz Motion Studio finally launched its first short film production ‘My Last Visions’ on 5th May 2014 exclusively on Social Media. The film revolves around a green park and a child. The film is based on a social issue and emphasises on child safety. The film’s first look was released at Blossom Short Film Festival happened at the 8th of March 2014 where it received critical acclaim.

Award winning short filmmaker Varun Mehta has directed the film. Shot in a period of 3 days, the film had been delayed for a summer release.  According to the official release by the production house, the film shall be played at International platforms and festivals to garner better attention. Then it will finally make way for an online release. The official trailer and teaser shall be posted by the end of this week.

Asking about this step, Varun replied – “I think Social Media has become a great tool to promote your thing and reaching out to people. Gone were the days where people used to rely on print and electronic media for gaining attention. Social media has definitely got the world closer than we could imagine 10 years ago. What better way than it can be to reach people, especially when it’s from home”

Talking about the film, he said – “I always believe in working for the welfare of the society. Through my films, I have always tried to raise an issue whether its female foeticide, deforestation or environmental safety. I have done it all. This time I am taking up the issue of Child safety. But I am keeping the tone simple yet Impactful, so that it does not move into the ‘preachy’ zone. It’s actually a great story. Shorts are the best ways to raise up your voices.  People can learn a lot from short films if they want to.  We all need to learn something.


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