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Tata Elxsi Introduces NGRAIN 3D Visualization Technology to India’s Product, Industrial and Visual Design Services Market

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 16-07-2013 19:33:08

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NGRAIN, award-winning provider of 3D interactive visualization technology and software, today announced its partnership with Tata Elxsi, a global design company and a part of the $100 billion Tata group. Under the terms of the partnership, Tata Elxsi—with customers in the healthcare, defense, aerospace and automotive sectors—will become an authorized reseller of the NGRAIN® Producer™ Pro line of 3D content development and visualization products.

NGRAIN’s technology, which allows organizations to rapidly develop and incorporate interactive 3D visualizations and simulations into courseware and other productivity and design solutions, offers Tata’s customers an effective approach to communicate ideas and knowledge in photorealistic detail with true-to-life qualities. Requiring no 3D expertise, coding or scripting, Producer allows subject matter experts (SMEs) to rapidly create 3D animations and practice tasks and distribute them on a variety of platforms—from legacy desktop PCs to mobile devices—while protecting their organizations’ intellectual property.

“Tata Elxsi is proud to introduce NGRAIN’s innovative, interactive technologies to the Indian market. NGRAIN Producer’s 3D visualization, training, and communication capabilities will help Indian organizations engage and train their employees with more active, hands-on participation.” said M. M. Prasad, Vice President – Systems Integration, Tata Elxsi Limited. “The software also allows designers and SMEs to use 3D content from CAD, laser scan, polygonal, volumetric, geospatial or other standard file formats. That flexibility is a very important consideration for our clients, who span a number of industries.”

NGRAIN’s interactive 3D technology has been proven to accelerate learning by up to 60 percent and to improve operational performance by up to 30 percent.  India’s dynamic and dispersed organizations looking to train and engage their workforce will find it an ideal fit, since it is designed to seamlessly support distributed learning and understanding.

“NGRAIN entry into the growing Indian market is a true milestone for the company. To be able to partner with such an esteemed and influential organization as Tata Elxsi speaks to the value that our software products provide in today’s marketplace,” said Gabe Batstone, NGRAIN Chief Executive Officer. “Businesses looking for the most efficient and cost-effective 3D data visualizations can be confident that NGRAIN’s products deliver.”

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