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Tata Elxsi delivers stellar visual effects for YashRaj’s action packed blockbuster, ‘Dhoom 3’

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 27-12-2013 19:28:03

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Visual Computing Labs (VCL), the VFX and animation arm of Tata Elxsi Ltd. India's leading design company, announced its association with Dhoom 3, an action packed thriller, starring superstars Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachan and Katrina Kaif.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra, the third installment of Yash Raj Films' popular Dhoom franchise has been rendered in association with Tata Elxsi - Visual Computing Labs (VCL).

To capture and replicate the director's vision on the silver screen, VCL has worked with some of the best names in the industry in India and abroad to deliver over 1500 VFX shots with a team of 100 artists in a short span of 11 months.

The fast paced action sequences in the film demanded a high number of VFX shots to be delivered. VCL achieved this feat by seamlessly integrating multidisciplinary skills to amplify the action and the drama in a completely realistic and believable way. Dhoom 3 is India's first film to simultaneously release in the IMAX format, thus all the VFX had to stand the test of being credible which successfully delivered on VCL's commitment to offer the viewers with a larger-than-life experience.

Post the initial script narration, VCL held detailed discussions with the creative team to ensure that each shot was meticulously planned to recreate the scene in the film. Along with VCL's Academy Award winning senior VFX Supervisor, Joel Hynek, Creative director, Pankaj Khandpur and VFX supervisors, Sherry Bharda and Vishal Anand, comprehensive action sequences were designed and rough storyboards were produced which were elaborated further using pre-visualization.

In the planning stage, the unique methodology of pre-visualization helped the experts at VCL to recreate the scenes in a virtual format therefore minimizing the effort and time invested in reproducing the shots on location.

VCL has demonstrated a vast array of visual effects solutions in Dhoom 3 ranging from creation of digital characters to re-creation of vehicles and two-wheelers using CGI which also included a 3D water jet ski. To make high-octane actions scenes look real, VCL conceptualized and generated some key elements to control and maintain the focus on the actor's face in most of the fast-paced bike riding shots.

This involved extremely accurate CGI lighting and reflections on the helmet visor as well as on the digital assets used. VCL's contribution also included the creation of both interiors and exteriors of the sets using CGI to deliver specific sequences in the film.

S. Nagarajan, COO, Tata Elxsi - Visual Computing Labs, said: "We are honored to be associated once again with Yash Raj Films, which is one of the most respected and highly acclaimed production houses. This project is our largest VFX project to date and has helped us showcase VCL's cutting edge capabilities in the VFX domain and we are confident that this film will become a benchmark in mainstream cinema for providing viewers with a world-class experience."

Pankaj Khandpur, Creative director, Tata Elxsi - Visual Computing Labs added: "This film encompasses some interesting ideas, conceptualized and executed by the extremely talented team of VFX artists at VCL. Our association with Yashraj Films has always been a highly enriching experience. It has been our constant endeavor to leverage our VFX expertise to transform the director's vision onto the big screen and offer larger-than-life experiences to all our viewers."

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