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The magical world of ‘Mr India The Ride’ at Manmohan Shetty’s theme park

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 25-06-2013 11:57:26

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Adlabs Imagica, Our very own Disneyland, which opened its doors to visitors recently, prides itself on being a "world-class" theme park,  with features 21 attractions including rides, film shows and live acts whose designs draw largely from local mythology and cinema.  Spread across a 110-acre expanse in Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The main attraction of theme park is 'Mr. India The Ride'. Where Mr. India's well known villain Mogambo ( Amrish Puri ) is back. Both the character and the actor are no more now, but it seems they have risen from the dead to take revenge on Mr India aka Arun (Anil Kapoor) and Seema (Sridevi). But Manmohan Shetty has made this possible through an animated thrill ride in his theme park, Adlabs Imagica. Audiences have to sit in a Mr India's yellow car  that  appears harmless until the ride begins. Scream Machine, which looks like a colourful pendulum, swings people about 180 degrees where the air tugs at their skin and forces them to shriek.  The motion simulator ride is quite fun! Sridevi and Anil Kapoor have lent their voices to the animation film.

While the animated film of Mr. India plays on the screen, you feel every bump and dip, push and shove of this adventurous journey right in your car, making this attraction the most immersive film viewing experience you have ever had!

Incepted for the first time in India, the motion simulation technology lends an absolutely new way of experiencing Mr. India’s contemporary adventure. Get ready for some new age “Hawa- Hawai”. 

Image & Video Source - Adlabs Imagica

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