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Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 30-08-2013 23:30:02


Animation in Delhi is once again in the news with the launch of the AGAFA 2013 – Annual Graphics and Animation Film Awards – an initiative of the Society for Animation in Delhi (SAID) to promote excellence among the animators’, graphic designers’ and related artists’ community in India.  

AGAFA 2013 – has two components – a 3-in-1 contest, and an Awards Nite. The contest comprises three segments. The first is Graphic Design, second, Digital Painting and the third, short Animation Films. Each of these segments, deeply related to each other, requires entries to be made based on a theme or a purpose. The philosophy is to encourage designers and animation artists to create what is demanded.  The best creative talent, which can make the maximum visual impact, wins attractive prizes in each category.

, founded in February 2010, is a registered non-profit body of independent and voluntary animators, graphic artists and others in related arts that attempts to encourage original and creative production of animation and graphic arts, to augment intellectual property creation by animators and graphics artists. SAID is committed to help “Animators in Motion” to make animation films that embody inspiring entertainment for all, and take cartoons beyond kids, works that express fresh voices, creativity and differing global perspectives, with the intent that these films enlighten audiences while providing invaluable exposure for animation filmmakers, graphic designers and other related artists, in the local, regional, national and global arena.

Graphic Design is a contest for designing a poster on a Movie (any Indian Animation Film), any Event, or any Social Cause; Digital Painting can be any one among the theme of EYES (Palkon ke peechhe se kya tumne keh daala), TOGETHERNESS (Tu iss tarah se meri zindagi mein shaamil hai), SECURITY (Bahar se koi andar na aa sake), CHARACTER (Bholi soorat dil ke khote), and NATURE (Khoobsoorat sama, jaag utha mera man); and the Animation Films segment focuses on animation with a purpose, prescribing one of the following themes -a social cause, current affairs, or promoting a product or service.  

The competition is open to all Indians – students as well as professionals. Students are certainly being offered an incentive by way of 10% extra points if they send their entries through their study institutions, duly certified. Contestants can, however, participate individually or in a team (as for animation films), in their own name or in the name of the organization they represent. Participation is absolutely free and there is no entry fee.  But participants have to fill up a form available on the AGAFA website and send it with their respective entries.

The Society has requested independent and experienced creators and those concerned with visual arts to judge the entries.  Subodh Lal (Creative Guru, former executive president of Zee TV and Sony TV, and presently chairman of AKS Media), Suman Bajaj Kalra (renowned film-maker and former DDG, Doordarshan), Manoj Paharia (eminent Animation Film maker), have already consented to be in the jury. Two more independent eminent names are being considered and requested, whose names we will reveal very shortly.

Prizes worth Rs. 1.25 lakhs are up for winning.
 There are a total of 8 prizes in each segment, i.e. a total of 24. Besides the best three, there are five consolation prizes in each segment. Attractive prizes like LCD TVs, Pen-tablets, color printers, etc have been included for inspiration.

Other voluntary organizations of Animators and Visual Artists, both on-line and those in and around Delhi have also joined SAID’s effort in this event with the objective of generating a culture of production of animation and related arts.  Anim Dilli, Animators’ Point,, Animation Galaxy, Animation Carnival, Film & Theatre Society of India, etc. as well as Universities and Educational Institutions such as IIIT-D, Delhi; PAI-ILS, Azam Campus, Pune University; etc. have recognized SAID’s effort and are in constant touch with the Society, for this event. SAID has announced the opening of two incubation centers that work on real professional production on OPEN SOURCE software.  Their aim is to produce quality animators who can make an impact on the international animation scenario. OPEN SOURCE software is an area that SAID is supporting for production houses, studios and freelancers to adopt. Says
Subhash Siddhu, Joint Secretary of SAID, “It gives much more elbow room and freedom to create expressive content for mature audiences, at the same time making dynamic production pipelines possible, and also saving the country millions of dollars by way of imported software.” SAID hopes to come out with excellent, top-of-the line animation productions in the years ahead.  It ardently works towards taking the animation market to greater heights of mature viewership, at the same time not giving up on the kids segment of cartoons – marking a niche as ANIMATORS IN MOTION, TAKING CARTOONS BEYOND KIDS.

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