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Hollywood VFX Veteran George Murphy To Lead The Creative Future Of Reliance Mediaworks

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 04-07-2013 17:13:43

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Reliance MediaWorks ( Academy Award-winning VFX Supervisor, George Murphy, joins Reliance MediaWorks as the company's Chief Creative Officer and will torch the Mystic Power of VFX through cross country delivery models of Reliance MediaWorks in USA, India & UK. George is known for his breath taking VFX in iconic movies like Jurassic Park, Planet of the Apes, Forrest Gump (for which he received a Best Visual Effects Oscar), King Kong, Starship Troopers, and The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolutions has always ensured unexplored fantasy appears a reality!

 "I'm excited to be joining the team at Reliance MediaWorks where I can collaborate in growing the company's expertise to fully support directors, producers, studios and other key creative in achieving their vision on a diverse range of projects," Murphy stated. "Building on RMW's current strengths, we will be expanding and refining the offerings from our Burbank team, with an aim to establish a hub of exceptional expertise in the areas of visual effects, animation and digital content creation. My goal is to further establish Reliance MediaWorks as a truly collaborative resource for clients; accessible, responsive and able to serve as an integral part of a production's core creative effort," Murphy added.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Venkatesh Roddam, CEO, FMS, Reliance MediaWorks Ltd says that as a seasoned expert in Hollywood visual effects, George Murphy's broad experience and accomplishments are sure to prove a perfect match for the creative future of Reliance MediaWorks (RMW) at global levels. In addition to Hollywood, the Indian Film Industry will also now have easier access to globally recognized talents like George Murphy through Reliance MediaWorks, he concludes.

With an illustrious career path built working with iconic Hollywood names such as Industrial Light & Magic, ESC Entertainment, Electronic Arts, WETA Digital, and Disney's ImageMovers Digital, George Murphy transports over three decades of experience as a professional photographer, Visual Effects Supervisor, and digital artist to his position at RMW. A pioneer of Hollywood's digital age, he has cultivated a reputation for, as he puts it, "bringing together diverse visual elements into believable images of reality and fantasy, which remain faithful to the chosen style and medium of a project."

Murphy's philosophy has always been to provide clients and their audiences with VFX work that enhances a film's story and the performances of its characters, rather than distracting. He brings to this task a critical eye toward enhancing what matters most on the screen and backs it with extensive expertise in both live action and digital approaches; experience he's gained working on numerous productions collaborating with directors, actors, technicians and digital artists in all stages of the filmmaking process.

RMW chose Murphy from a multitude of star candidates to steer the helm of their already formidable production team across Hollywood as well as UK and India. Reliance MediaWorks operates on a globally integrated model utilizing skill sets and expertise available at different frontiers and creating a truly globalised appeal product!

"We look forward to Mr. Murphy's new role and working with him to produce creative, groundbreaking projects. Our desire to support Hollywood's most demanding directors & Bollywood's most creative directors make him the ideal choice to lead our Global VFX team," said Naresh Malik, President Media and Creative Services Reliance MediaWorks.

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