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pizZap Mania by Siddharth Shekhar

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 26-11-2013 12:34:42

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In future the government has taken all Witch's powers, but fortunately are allowed to roam in their brooms under the protection of the "DOME". For livelihood the Witch does what she does best, make Delicious Pizzas and give door step delivery. If she behaves, some of her powers will be returned to her.

- Retina Display support
- Full support for latest iOS devices(including 5S & iOS7)
- Randomly generated levels for unlimited fun. 
- Fun ZAP mechanic, challenging AI & animated cartoon action.
- Watch replay videos on device, upload onto youtube and share it on social media networks.
- Complete level with fastest time and challenge your friends. 
- Includes Gamecenter Achievements & Leaderboards.
- No In App Purchases

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About Siddharth Shekhar
Born and brought up in Delhi and did his school in DTEA Lodi Estate, Delhi. Degree in Mechanical Engineering an MBA in Markting and a Diploma in Game Development. Siddharth worked as a Product Design Manager(Plastics) in Quickie Manufacturing Corp in the US, as a Area Sales Manager in Bajaj Auto Finance and a Game Developer in Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd. 

He left Dumadu in July of 2013 and started working on Pizzap Mania.  

Since collage days he had been very much interested in Animation. In his spare time while working fulltime he Iearned various animation and illustration softwares like flash, 3d Studio Max, illustrator and photoshop. He ended using these tools for designing and animating the levels and characters.   

Although he have been playing computer games since from his collage days. But being a mechanical engineer he didnt have programming background and it was hard to make 3d computer games. But when a 2D game "Angry Birds" became a big hit in 2010, he tried his hands on programming in C++. It gave him confidence that he can learn and make 2d games on the IOS for a start and that is when he left his sales job at Bajaj and started in Game Development.

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