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COMIC FEST INDIA 2013 - A grand celebration of Indian Comics

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 17-11-2013 10:52:30

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Brainchild of some of the veterans of Indian comic book industry, COMICS FEST INDIA 2013 will be the first annual event to bring the fans and creators of Comics under one roof. This gathering will see established as well as new Comics publishers such as Diamond Comics, Raj Comics, Diamond Publications, Lotpot, Campfire Graphics, Fenil Comics, Holy Cow Entertainment and many more along with various independent artists and creatives.

For a young reader, Comics serves as a first exposure in the wonderful world of fantasy and fiction combined with unseen visual imagery. It stimulates creative imagination, exposes the young brains to the good, the evil and everything in between. For these impressionable minds, it inculcates some strong social and moral values, while keeping everything highly entertaining. It creates a deep connect with their intellect and helps foster and forge their psyche.

Many of us have grown up reading Comics of our favorite superheroes or characters in our youth. These characters continue to serve as our role models and we take inspiration and draw strength from these virtual superheroes in our day to day life. Chacha Chaudhary with its sheer wit and intelligence, has entertained millions of fans. Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and Doga are the role models of almost all kids who grew up in late 80’s and 90’s. Bahadur, Tausi, Crookbond have a huge nostalgic fan following. Amar Chitra Katha has single handedly contributed in persevering and promoting our cultural heritage by passing on the mythological stories and the folk tales to the youth of our country for the last several decades. Western Classics and Biographies from Campfire are a rage amongst readers.

Comics is the cornerstone of the art of visual storytelling. All other mediums of entertainment like Animation, Films, Gaming build upon the fundamental craft of Comics making to expand them into new dimensions.

Besides entertainment, Comics also helps as a very important tool for those learning a new language. A vast majority of readers from North eastern states and southern parts of our country as well as in neighboring countries like Nepal have learnt Hindi just by reading Hindi Comics alone.

“Comics Fest India 2013” will be held on 30th November and 1st December of this year at Dilli Haat, Pitampura. In the event, fans would be able to stash various comic books and related merchandise from many stalls, while participating in many competitions like Drawing, Cosplay, Comic quiz, Superhero imitation and Creative writing. There would be new Comics launches. Fans would also attend various informative and entertaining panels held by their favorite creators and publishers. There would be Magic show, puppet show, face painting, comic themed swings and rides, Walking Character Dolls and Comic themed Exhibits. There would also be a Rock Band in the evening. National Book Trust is also associated with the event and would be conducting interesting workshops.

Another highlight of the festival will be the annual KALPANA LOK AWARDS, for rewarding and recognizing the excellence in Comic books and Graphic novels. “Kalpana Lok Awards aims at recognizing the work of all of the professionals of our comics industry. It will bring into focus the novelty of this art form and acknowledge the efforts of numerous hard working writers, artists and publishers of this field.” says Sanjay Gupta of Raj Comics excitedly. 

This fest is intended to bring comic lovers from across the country to come together and celebrate their love and passion for the medium. Fans may register at the site to get free prizes. There are also several online contests on the facebook page

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