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Fashion House game by Games2Win

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 14-11-2013 11:27:30

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Games2Win proudly introduces Fashion House, a new game that will redefine the genre of fashion games. It’s a platform where your sense of style meets your ambition of becoming the world’s best fashion designer. For the first time, live the life of a fashion designer through a game, facing clients that are difficult to convince, and judges that are hard to impress.

The excitement, the pressure, the anxiety, experience it all under one roof, Fashion House. 

From the moment you download the game, doors to 5 exclusive fashion weeks open, where you will be showcasing your designs. Each week happens in a new fashion capital, taking you to Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

Gameplay is simple and engaging. Choose a garment, design it with great colors and patterns and submit it. You have to design 34 garments overall with the help of 40 beautiful colors and 40 unique patterns. 10 of the elitist fashion industry stalwarts will judge you on the basis of your ability to pick the right garment, color and pattern as per the event and the brief.
Proud of what you have created? Share it with the world with our in-game options!

Stuck somewhere? Use the ‘Quick Finish’ option to complete the level! While Studio Mode allows you to create some awesome designs, you can also compete and play against your Facebook friends, taking the designing experience to a whole new level.

This is your big chance to enter the league of some extraordinary designers.

So will you design or resign? Play to find out!

Fashion House Features
- Tour 5 Fashion Capitals 
- 34 Garments + 40 colors and patterns 
- Simple and engaging Gameplay
- Share your creation on Facebook


For more info -


Contact - [email protected] for any problems you may have with Fashion House.

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