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Trailer for, the animated film Mahabharat is out

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 18-11-2013 10:20:55

Tags : Animated film Mahabharat    Ajay Devgn    Amitabh Bachchan    Anil Kapoor    Vidya Balan    Sunny Deol     

Bollywood actors not just do heavy budget Hindi films or become the face of great cinema but they sometime also contribute to small budget films or lend their voices for different characters. Interesting to note that the character of Draupadi will be seen getting the voice of the diva of B-town, Vidya Balan. 

The animation film has top actors who have come on board as voice cast. Ajay Devgn will voice the character of Arjun, Amitabh Bachchan of Bhishma, Anil Kapoor of Karan, Vidya Balan of Draupadi and Sunny Deol of Bheem among others.

film all set to release on December 25 2013

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