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It was truly the first-ever FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION IN DELHI (FAD) – a site never seen before with SAID beginning to deliver on its promise of making animation happen in and around Delhi.  Never has a crowd of this magnitude collected to witness an animation event in Delhi, particularly children, students and professionals vying and competing with each other to sketch better and touch Chhota Bheem. The uniqueness of the event was visible in its independent, voluntary and spontaneous nature, with no single individual, institution, studio or organization claiming credit for its success – truly a show of animators, by animators for the animation lover.  The magic of Vijaya Mulay’s “Ek, Anek aur Ekta” with its title song Ek Titli Anek Titliyan stole the show with the crowd demanding that its first screening on Doordarshan this very day 39 years ago be adopted as the National Animation Day.

The day began with Donald Duck India, Keerthi Narayan, welcoming the audience in the popular animation character’s typical voice, leading them to the fourth GURUMANTRA which took center-stage with Rajiv Kakria of 
Flavour of Art, and his team touching on the fineness of sketching for animation.  

Atul Sinha, Professor at 
AJKMCRC, Jamia Millia University, added to the magic sharing secrets of how paper-cut and sand animation, captured scene by scene on camera, could transform into short animation films.  The role of modern technologies like using pen tablets for sketching on a “digital canvas” before taking them on to a timeline, was brought out by none other than the makers of pen tablets – Hanvon India – themselves, who unveiled the Art Master series of their pen tablet for North India at the AGAFA event.

On-the-spot sketching competition was an instant hit with the young crowd as Kasana Narendra from Anim Dilli sat his model on the dias, giving the contestants to choose from that model or draw for a storyboard out of memory, as he explained the story and how storyboards could make or mar an animation film. Accompanied with scintillating live background music by rock band 
Pankh, it added to the enchantment of the event.

The grand gala was the evening awards show. As 
Chhota Bheem stepped out on stage, the crowd went berserk, wild with cheers and catcalls.  Not just the children, even their parents went head over heels to touch and feel this magic character – a darling with the kids. 

And amidst all this arrived the 
mother of Indian Animation, the maker of “Ek, Anek aur Ekta”, whose title song Ek Titli Anek Titliyan lives even today – VIJAYA MULAY, all of 92 years in age, walked to the dias overwhelmed by the affection she received and charged with the emotions backing her, with Tony and his band playing soft background music matching the magic of that moment.  Giving away the prizes for the contest, she stressed on the need for animation to happen and grow in India.  She was visibly impressed by the quality of entries received and suggested that these be given wider exposure through TV Channels, Films Division and other means.  The high point in her discourse that night was her announcement to become a Life-Member of SAID, and accepted to be the Patron-in-Chief of the Society.  So overwhelmed was she by the endeavors of SAID that she announced a donation of Rs. One Lakh to the Society for the furtherance of animation production in and around Delhi.

AGAFA 2013,
 an initiative of the Society for Animation in Delhi was the first in a series of endeavors to put professionalism into Animation, Graphics, Digital Painting and related arts through a spirit of competition. Held on 14 December 2013, at Dilli Haat, Pitampura, Delhi, this ambitious programme of SAID provided valuable exposure to animation and related artists from different perspectives from a wide range of contestants who sent in their entries from all over India.  It was a 3-in-1 contest containing three segments – Digital Painting, Graphic Design and Animation Films – all having been provided themes or titles to create on.  It was judged on the criteria of visual impact and original creativity by a galaxy of experienced Jury members well selected from the film, TV and animation worlds.  Suhasini Mulay, veteran national award winning film actor, chaired the Jury with Suman Bajaj Kalra, former Additional DG, Doordarshan, and Subodh Lal, Chairman AKS Media (also former Executive President Zee TV), and accompanied by stalwart international class animators Harsh Borah at London and Debjani Mukherjee at Delhi, who also doubled up as the Member-Secretary.

Apart from Trophy and Certificates, prizes such as Samsung 24 inch LED television, Hanvon Pen Tablets and 3-in-1 HP printer were given to all top three winners in each category. Pen tablets were sponsored by 
Hanvon India who was also the technology partner for the event.  The event bears even more significance with a large number of voluntary partner organizations joining into the effort – Flavour of Art, Anim Dilli,, All CG Tutorials and Animators’ Point stood neck and neck with SAID, while Animation Galaxy provided the edge as the Media Partners.

SAID is a non-profit body of voluntary
, independent and passionate animators and related artists, registered under the Co-operative Societies’ Act, 1860, which aims to put original and creative production of animation and related arts in a perspective that provides the widest possible exposure to artists’ creations at the local, regional, national and global arenas, take cartoons beyond kids, and seek mature audiences for animation, by bringing together all stakeholders in the industry on a common platform in organizing the industry in India.

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