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Narendra Modi Game - Modi fied by Zatun

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 17-12-2013 22:13:31

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Zatun has launched an Android application called Narendra Modi fied dress through which the user can style Narendra Modi with endless combinations like sunglasses, Modi kurta, Armani shoes and more. The user can share the final picture on Facebook/Twitter or make it a wallpaper for his/her phone with the help of this app.

This free Android game gives a chance to players glued to the Internet to become Modi's personal stylist and dress up the leader in over 700 different ways.

"Dress up games is fairly popular, especially among youngsters and they all love to dress up film stars, sports persons and celebrities. It is for the first time that we are giving them a chance to dress up a national leader," said Abhinav Chokhavatia, the founder-CEO of Zatun, a game development studio that develops games for all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, hand-helds and consoles, with a host of firms that includes Disney, Ubisoft and Leap Frog.

We researched different pictures of Narendra Modi in various poses and attires. We selected the ones that suited the most and gave the game a stylized caricature/cartoon style instead of realistic style to make it more fun and appealing.

This Modi dress-up game is compatible with all major android phones. The game has already seen 500 downloads in just a week after it was launched. 

Game Features
• Tons of Dress Up options resulting in various styles.
• More than 720 different dressing combinations
• Share Final Look on Facebook and Twitter
• Save the picture on your phone.
• Use the final image as the phone wallpaper.
• Change backgrounds as per your preference.
• Easy and user friendly controls.
• Small game size
• Compatible with all major android phones.
• First Dress Up game featuring an Indian political figure

The background images behind Narendra Modi change as well and highlight some of the key areas like development, emerging leader, orator amongst others.

Download Modi-Fied on Google Play 

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