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The run-away success that AGAFA 2013 was, contestants, specially winners, are happy at the systematic conduct of the contest, the jury, the awards and the fact that all this was done independently and voluntarily.  The Society for Animation in Delhi deserves a pat on the back at giving shape to this new opening for animators and related artists to give expression to their creativity and, at the same time, going on to the next level of professional skills through the interactive GURUMANTRA.

The contest was a 3-in-1 affair, held in three segments – Digital Painting, Graphic Design and Animation films – each segment being given a them or a topic to work on.  The judging criterion was visual impact and originality of creative work, and not just the ability to use software tools.  The quality of entries, as per the jury, was excellent in some submissions, making it difficult to work out who wins.  Yet, some entries did show tremendous scope for improvement.  There were still others which were simply reproductions of photographs of celebrities, or tracing over existing photographs, which did not reflect originality or creativity, though the effort put in was tremendous.

Winners in the three segments were…

SAID gave away attractive prizes for a first time event of this magnitude – a Samsung LED TV as first prize, Hanvon Pen Tablet for second and HP 1510 color printer-scanner for the third place, besides the AGAFA Trophies and certificates.  

SAID also introduced its Moments of Mementos – a moment in time which it takes out and gives to an animation work or related art work that has made an outstanding impact on Indian animation.  The first of these “MoMs” (as SAID calls them) was given away to none other than the mother of Indian Animation, VIJAYA MULAY – a beautiful plaque-shield to eternalize the memory of Ek, Anek aur Ekta the short animation film that is remembered even today as Ek Titli Anek Titliyan.  Alongside that MoM, a MoM was also presented to Mr. Bhimsain (in absentia), the one who animated it.  One more MoM was presented – Rajiv Chilaka for the tallest animation character of the day, Chhota Bheem. A memento each was also given away to the Jury and the Voluntary Partner Organizations.

An outstanding feature of this unique event was that it was almost entirely funded by members’ contributions, with some generous sponsorship by Green Gold Aninmations at Hyderabad, and Voice & Motion Communications and Animation Work4me at Delhi.  SAID is a non-profit body of voluntary, independent and passionate animators and related artists, registered under the Co-operative Societies’ Act, 1860, which aims to put original and creative production of animation and related arts in a perspective that provides the widest possible exposure to artists’ creations at the local, regional, national and global arenas, take cartoons beyond kids, and seek mature audiences for animation, by bringing together all stakeholders in the industry on a common platform in organizing the industry in India.

Animation Film Segment
Animation Film entries received at AGAFA 3-in-1 contest, presented to the Jury ...
Shubhankar and Sawani - 1st Prize Winners ...

CHIRAG - Film by Shashank ... 2nd prize winner in the AGAFA 3-in-1 contest ... Animation film segment

"THE SHINER" ... 3rd prize in the AGAFA 3-IN-1 Contest, Animation Film segment ... winner Ashok

Digital painting Segment

Rahul Bhowmik

Nitesh More

Subhash Siddhu

Vibhuti Dabral

Abeer Malik

Lohita Yadav

Preeti Shaniya

Laxmi Nair

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