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DQE Announces a Licensing Deal with Walmart

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 27-04-2013 15:46:57

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DQ Entertainment International (DQE), a leading animation, gaming, live action, entertainment production and distribution company has acquired number of new licensing and merchandising deals concluded during the quarter ended March 2013, mostly in USA.

The most significant of these were signed by DQE's partner in North America, Australia andSouth Africa, SMC Entertainment Group, Inc. ("SMC") in collaboration with the home-video distribution licensee Phase4 Films, who have launched "The Jungle Book" DVDs across all Walmart stores in USA and are launching in Canada soon.

Recently, DQE and SMC concluded a high-value licensing deal with Burger King Worldwide (BKW) for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - promotion that will begin worldwide in June '13.

Other important new licensing and merchandising agreements for "The Jungle Book" franchise concluded recently include:
- Magic Jump Inc. for inflatable bounce houses in USA and Canada
- Dynamic Displays for 45' Helium Parade Balloons in USA
- Cardinal Industries, Inc for Lenticular Puzzles and Wood Puzzles and Board Games in USA and Canada
- Dragon Toys for Battery Operated Animatronics in USA & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
- CraftStone for Plush toys, fabric sublimation printed story books, mini blankets & other plush accessories in Europe and      Asia
- Bendon Publishing for Coloring and Activity, Board Books and Story Books in USA and Canada
 - PlayWow International Ltd. for Inflatable Toys, Inflatable Bath Toys and Roto Molded Toys in USA, South Africa and        Australia
- Promotional tie-up with Norton Anti-virus in USA
- Promotional tie-up with Air Transat for in-flight entertainment in the USA and Canada;
- Budge Studios for apps on IOS and Android platforms;
- Mandodari for DVD part works in Italy; and
- Compupress for DVD partworks in Greece & Cyprus

Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman and CEO of DQE, said: "We are successfully exploiting the 'Jungle Book' franchise across multiple geographies and multiple product lines. Based on the success of our 'Jungle Book' TV series - which is validated by the quality of partners it has attracted globally - we will continue very focussed efforts on also exploiting the revenue potential from licensing of our other properties such as 'Peter Pan', 'Robin Hood' and '5 and IT'."

Rami Ben-Moshe, President SMC Entertainment Group, Inc., said: "The 'Jungle Book' TV series momentum continues to build and we are thrilled with the host of partners, promotions and retail support that is all-ready lined up for 2013 and beyond! We are also excited about the additional content that will be developed by DQ Entertainment which will help support the consumer products efforts for years to come."

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