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Curious Quiz by Games 2 Win

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 03-08-2013 15:34:16

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Curiosity has a new home! Curious Quiz! For all those who have an undying thirst for knowledge, look no further.

Curious Quiz packs a free, fun and engaging way to learn all about the things you love. And who better to accompany you on this quest for knowledge than a CUTE meowing KITTY?

There are 200+ questions will equip you with enough knowledge for a long time.

Here are a list of Topics
1) Logos
2) Riddles
3) Landmarks
4) Mascots
5) General Knowledge
6) Slogans
7) Picture Puzzles
8) Harry Potter
9) Superheroes
10) Science
11) Literature
12) Business Trivia


What would we do without them right? So there are a few to help you navigate through this jungle of knowledge a little better:

• Hint: The Hint lifeline provides a playful or thoughtful phrase which will easily help you crack the answer.
• 50/50: 50/50 removes two wrong answers and erases that wee bit of confusion in your mind!
• You can also RETRY all the Incorrect Answers again!

Get FREE Coins by boasting your score!!

Unlocked a new level or scored an achievement? Brag about it to all your friends!

Invite and Challenge them to the world of Quizzing & Trivia!

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