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Zapak Mobile Games takes you to the zombie apocalyptic future with the Brainbots Vs. Zombie mobile game

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 07-05-2013 00:04:28

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mobile game has announced the launch of a new mobile game, ‘Brainbots Vs Zombies’. The mobile game targeted primarily for children has been launched keeping in consideration the upcoming holiday season. The game, which is filled with exciting characters was launched on 30th April, 2013 and is available for free on Google Play across the globe. 

The mobile game that is set in the post apocalyptic future is a casual arcade game. The plot of the mobile game revolves around a herd of Zombies and their quest to attack the last settlement of the brains. The brains, tired of protecting themselves decided to stay put and make a stand against the advancing zombies! The primary goal is to protect the brains by killing the zombies.  

The player in the mobile game can use the Brainbot and smash all the incoming Zombies to pulp, before they break in and eat up all the brains. The player can move the Brainbot left to right, to kill the Zombies the player has to drop the spiked metal ball on them. Over time the Zombies will attack the defences and the player can to repair them to prevent more Zombies from getting in. If the Zombies eat up all the brains, it's game over!

The mobile game Brainbots Vs Zombies will offer the following features that make game play exciting and exploratory:
- Eye catchy visuals
- Gold Stars in all levels for super performance 
- Exciting and challenging levels
- Facebook Integration to let your friends know about your status

Commenting on the launch of the game, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head - India, Zapak Mobile Games said, “Our newly launched game, Brainbots Vs. Zombies is a complete package of adventure and thrill. This game is an addition to our current catalogue which provides highly entertaining and engaging mobile games to casual gamers across the world.”

The game will be available for free on Google Play. 

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