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Building on the nations Cricket mania, Sony PlayStation launches Move Street Cricket II for PS3

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 20-05-2013 22:49:57

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Sony PlayStation has announced the release of the second edition of the popular Street Cricket game as Move Street Cricket II. This is yet another successful release of a PS3 game completely developed in India in partnership with Indian Development studio, Trine. This is coming in as a sequel to the previous version of Move Street Cricket, launched last summer.

Capturing the audience with a whole new avatar, the game will be available to cricket fans all over the country later this month at a price of just Rs. 1499. One can either opt for the Move Street Cricket II stand-alone game or MSCII Move Starter Pack to be available in June this year at a price of INR 3650.

The latest version of Move Street Cricket boasts of all new features, including a responsive AI that enhances the user experience when equipped with the Sony PlayStation Move functionality. The pace of the game has been heightened in order to keep the player on their toes.  The mini-games have also been tuned to perfection to give the ardent gamer a seamless gaming experience.

Positioned as ‘Play, the way you play!’, Indian game developer, Trine, has tweaked around with the environments to include as many as 8 unique playing fields to choose from. One can now choose their playing field to suit their mood which varies from ‘a school ground’, ‘the chawl’ or even ‘a society roof top’. An added bonus would be the choice to play with any one of eight international teams. The key idea in play here is that the player gets so immersed in their game that they overlook the fact that they are playing it on a digital interface.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Atindriya Bose – Country Manager, Sony PlayStation India, said “After the tremendous success from Move Street Cricket, we are confident consumers are going to enjoy the sequel of Move Street Cricket II. This is another one in the series of successful local development with Trine.  In this version, the gameplay has been hugely improved for both the bowling and batting levels through motion sensitivity.”

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