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Reliance Games extends its Borderwar franchise; launches ‘Borderwar Defence Patrol’ mobile game

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 03-06-2013 14:54:37

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Reliance Entertainment Digital’s mobile gaming division, Reliance Games, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games globally is all set to extend its Borderwar franchise with the launch of  an action-packed, futuristic mobile game – ‘Borderwar Defence Patrol’. The mobile game will be available on Google play and other carriers for Java and Blackberry stores.

‘Borderwar Defence Patrol’ is a tower defence game. It's the future and it's World War 3. The player is the last line of defence for his country. The enemy forces are pouring in and the base has to be defended at all costs till reinforcements arrive. The fascinating game play of the game has the gamer in-charge of a turret power positioned on the bottom left of the screen, which can be turned in a 90 degree angle. The gamer has to move the turret up and down to aim and fire at the enemies. The enemies are of two major types: Ground Units which includes Tanks, Soldiers and Mortar Launchers and Air Units that include Paratroopers, Bombers and Jet Fighters.

Features that make Borderwar Defense Patrol engaging are:
- Multiple levels with progression and predefined objectives
- Paratroopers with modern rectangular parachutes
- Futuristic turret with blinking lights/random details
- Cannon fire feedback animation - light flash to indicate recoil
- Increase in the number of bomber jets as the levels progress
- Modern helicopters and jets along with more modern looking enemy soldiers
- Explosions with falling debris

Commenting on the launch of the highly engaging game of the Borderwar series, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head - India, Reliance Games said, “Our new addition to the Borderwar series – ‘Borderwar Defence Patrol’ is filled with action and thrill. In the past, games of this series – Borderwar Face off and Borderwar LOC have an excellent download record. Considering the popularity of the series which is based on Indian theme, we, at Reliance Games decided to extend the adventure of the game with the launch of this newly launched action packed game.”

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