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World Of Brains crossed 50K downloads

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 30-10-2013 14:44:46

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underDOGS Gaming Studio comes up with an entertainer Casual Game on Android Store which already crossed 50K downloads in just 10 days! 

Mumbai, INDIA - October 30, 2013 – underDOGS Gaming Studio has announced the milestone they reached with their newest game called WORLD OF BRAINS on the Google play market. With the introduction of BLOB, a cute Alien character in the game, underDOGS studios has created a state of art casual entertainer to get hook onto.

Designed currently for Android, the game boasts of retro controls of a water-based game called Ringtoss with which almost everyone is familiar. These controls make game play simple yet incredibly deep, giving full control of the game using the devices tilting functionality to the users. The users take on a role of BLOB who is sent to a different planet referred as World of Brains, to collect brains as he lacks the same even being the smartest termed creature, Alien.

"An intensive research went into getting an output that people love to play when emotions attached. We picked up an emotion that can hit people so we let people save the Blob in the game. And yes it worked”, said Vaibhav Chavan, CEO of underDOGS. 

World Of Brains (WOB) consists of 40 challenging levels where the aim is to help Blob (the Protagonist) collect the brains and get back to its ship before the time runs out. Churned out with amazing graphics, WOB lets player choose between 4 different types of environments: Normal, Snowy, Rainy and Christmas. With an all time familiar mechanism of Classic Old School Ringtoss game (water-based) underDOGS have effortlessly recreated it on the smartphones for casual gamers.

“We needed a character with a circular shape so that the Physics functionality can be utilized better throughout the game. We scribbled lot of sketches and finalized on an Alien type blob character with no hands or legs.” Says Omkar Patil, CTO, underDOGS.

Game Description
We believe Aliens are the smartest Spicies ever. But far away from the planet Earth, is discovered the most dumbest Alien in their Race. Thrown out from their planet for the very reason, Blob (the protagonist) is sent to planet Earth to collect brains.

World of Brains is a classic casual puzzle game. The game really needs smart brains. Control the green monster, the BLOB to supply the brain to pass the game! There are many well-designed levels in the game for you to pass!

Consisting of 4 unique chapters with 10 levels each World of Brains takes you through a journey of the Blob's Life. Players can play in 4 different environments: Normal, Snowy, Rainy and Christmas. The mechanism is a recreation of the old school water based ringtoss game everyone of us have played in childhood. Two awesome powerups to avoid obstacles: GOD MODE, which makes the Blob Invincible to any obstacle and FREEZO, which freezes the moving obstacles. Various obstacles to overcome like Spears, Cutters, Blades, Lazers, Fire etc.

With its awesome graphics, realistic physics based gameplay, cuteness and soothing sound, Blob becomes a new entertainment package all together. 

- 40 Interesting Levels
- Beautiful Graphics
- Soothing Sound
- Realistic Physics
- Awesome Powerups


Let's help Blob, get some Brains!

World of Brains is available on Google Play market

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