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Remote Control: How VMware Delivers Rich, Virtual Graphics with NVIDIA GRID

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 17-10-2013 18:39:17

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For too long, virtualizing graphics-intensive enterprise applications has simply not been an option. Engineers and designers often work with highly demanding 3D applications, but traditional virtualization of these apps results in performance drops that were just too great.

These enterprises couldn’t enjoy the benefits of securing their intellectual property and increasing their workflow efficiency through virtualization – until NVIDIA GRID technology came along.

On Tuesday at VMworld Barcelona, VMware joined the wave of adoption of GRID technology with the introduction of VMware View 5.3 vDGA. Using this software, businesses can give their engineers and designers access to a virtual desktop with no compromises, providing a true workstation-grade option to remote workers.

NVIDIA GRID GPU Pass-Through technology makes this possible by allowing a virtual machine running VMware View 5.3 on top of the VMware ESX hypervisor to talk directly to a dedicated GRID GPU.

With a dedicated GPU, applications running virtually benefit from the same compatibility, large graphics memory, interactive performance and rich multimedia experience users expect with a desk-side workstation.

VMware View 5.3 vSGA also made waves in Barcelona by showcasing how businesses looking to accelerate DX9 and OpenGL 2.1 applications can share a GPU between users. For everyday workers, this support can be the difference-maker in realizing the benefits of virtualization.
Customers such as the National House-Building Council (NHBC) in the U.K. have demonstrated they can virtualize the desktops of more than 500 employees while delivering a highly interactive and rich multimedia Windows experience. Don’t take our word for it, however. The NHBC was just named the Best Virtualization Project at the show.

With VMware View 5.3 vDGA and vSGA powered by NVIDIA GRID, businesses can now access their rich graphics applications whenever and wherever they want. Learn more about NVIDIA GRID at And follow us on Twitter at @NVIDIAGRID.

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