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The 1981 classic Chashme-Buddoor Digitally embraces and restores nostaligic moments through Reliance MediaWorks

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 04-05-2013 12:57:12

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The Evergreen classic Chashme- Buddoor was Digitally remastered by Reliance MediaWorks and rereleased in theatres on 5th April 2013, with a makeover magic!

Producer Jayshree Makhija states, “Chashme-Buddoor is very close to my heart, however unfortunately the film negatives were in about to die status which I wanted to preserve and share. I realized that Reliance MediaWorks is a global player with one of the largest and technologically advanced dedicated restoration and post production house bringing experience, expertise and scale. Reliance was hence chosen as a reliable partner for us, to not only restore from all the ageing effects, but also to brighten the look through the advanced colouring process, concludes a smiling Jayshree.

In the recent past, film restoration has become a concept that enables producers to help preserve and restore our film heritage.

Naresh Jhangiani, President Business Enterprise Management, Reliance MediaWorks is happy to share that the process of restoring a film is like a hand crafted gem! Each frame was relentlessly worked upon to remove the minutest artifacts with unflagging resolve so as to bring back the dying film elements to its original state and intent.  Restoring “Chashme Baddoor” was no different, posing challenges due to heavy stains throughout the film and with deadlines to match the desired release dates. Kudos to the magic of our highly skilled & experienced artists coupled with our Award winning Proprietary Software “Obsidion”, we enhanced the film to an impeccable quality level in less than three weeks! We are indeed honored to contribute to the restoration of Chashme Buddoor and extend our congratulations to PLA Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.  for taking an effort in preserving such classics.

Reliance MediaWorks has digitized and restored over 1700 films, news reels & documentaries produced from the year 1899 to 2012.  With an experience of such magnitude behind them, Reliance MediaWorks has relentlessly delivered meticulous and glowing restorations and image enhancements of classics which have timeless appeal even to the new generation.

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