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Adobe announces Projects Mighty and Napoleon

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 21-05-2013 14:23:38

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Adobe Creative Cloud software  announced two exciting new pieces of creative hardware: Project Mighty and Project Napoleon.

Project Mighty is a pressure sensitive pen that enables expressive drawing. However, it’s not just a pressure sensitive stylus/pen. Project Mighty knows who you are, and is connected to Creative Cloud to enables quick access to your personalized Kuler themes, and a cloud-clipboard for copying assets across devices.

Project Napoleon is a tool designed to complement Project Mighty by bringing an analog experience back to the digital creation process. Project Napoleon is a drawing aid that enables the experience of a T-square or Triangle in the digital/tablet world.

A pressure sensitive stylus and an electronic ruler that will tightly integrate with its software applications. The company’s Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler have been showcased connecting to an iPad and iPhone over Bluetooth. The tools have only been demonstrated working with an unreleased app, which was created specifically for the hardware.

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